TI Apologizes To Daughter Deyjah On Red Table Talk & Fans Blasts Him! (Watch)

TI is not everybody’s favorite person right now. Following his announcement that he checks to see if his daughter is still a virgin, the rapper just went on Red Table Talk again. And he apologized to his daughter Deyjah. But that is not enough for his fans!

TI’s declaration that he takes his oldest daughter, Deyjah, to a doctor every year to check if she’s still a virgin took the world by surprise. Because, let’s face it, it’s almost 2020. And glorifying virginity and making girls feel ashamed if they have intercourse is so 20th century.

But while TI thinks he’s entitled to half of everything his wife owns, he also thinks he owns his daughters.

What TI said has caused quite a stir, but it also opened a conversation. One that many didn’t like, but it was necessary. But on his family side, no one actually spoke. His wife, Tiny Harris, didn’t publicly make her voice heard and shared if she agrees with this insanity. Neither did Deyjah’s mother, Ms. Niko.

But following the declaration, his daughter, Deyjah, liked some comments on social media that showed how much she disapproved of that.

And now rapper TI went on Jada Pinkett Smith‘s Facebook show Red Table Talk today with his wife. And during the show, he shared that he apologizes to his daughter: “I apologize to Deyjah, but only her. Not anyone else.” The rapper then went on a long rant explaining how he was just trying to be a protective father. TI claims that he went to the doctor with Deyjah, “out of care and concern, but not out of control.”

And in a typical example of sexism, TI said: “If my son got a girl pregnant, it wouldn’t disrupt the household like it would [if my daughter got pregnant].” But fans weren’t here for it. One shared: “I’m disappointed RTT interviewed TI. That’s now what RTT should be about: giving a damn about his perspective. Why didn’t you interview his daughter instead? She’s the person who’s affected by this, more than him and his wife. This is only an attempt to clean up how image. NO.”

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