Monica Arnold Wears ‘Church’ Outfit To Atlanta Club Boyfriend Rapper Trouble! (Pics + Video)

Monica’s divorce from former NBA player Shannon Brown was just finalized, and already, she’s begun to see someone new, rap star Trouble. From the moment the “new couple” was announced, they seemed to be an odd match, and now we’re not the only ones who think so. Monica was recently spotted going to the club in what looked like her Sunday service outfit.

The recent pictures and videos of R&B singer Monica, going to a club in East Atlanta with rapper Trouble has confirmed that there is something going on between the two. Monica’s choice of clothing didn’t go unnoticed, and it definitely seems like she is out of her element.

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A recent video of Monica at an East Atlanta club shows the singer wearing a beige-ish pantsuit that looked more appropriate for Sunday church service rather than a club. To make matters worse, she completed the outfit by wearing a black wide-brim him, which she continued to wear inside.

One follower wrote, “she looks so out of place lmfaooooooo!!!!”

When their relationship was made public, people immediately thought that Monica might be going through some type of crisis. For one, Monica is not his usual “Instagram model” – fake butt, boobs, hips – type. And let’s not forget his notorious “Cucumber Challenge” pool party.

At the time of the incident, he was dating reality star, Alexis Skyy.

Many of Monica’s fans are not happy that she is dating Trouble, and the comments prove it. One of her followers wrote, “39 years old wit a legendary career and she’s dating the cucumber master. just wow.” Another wrote, “her choice in men is what brought her career down no cap, she couldn’t stay away from hood n*ggas, so it dropped her status down.


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