‘Married To Medicine’ Star Toya Bush-Harris & Dr. Eugene Harris Adopting Child Following Miscarriage

Reality TV stars are known for letting fans into their lives and they feel empowered by sharing the most intimate information. That’s how Toya Bush-Harris was feeling on a recent episode of ‘Married to Medicine’.

The mother-of-two recently revealed some pretty sad news on her show recently. The actress shared that she had suffered a miscarriage at six-and-a-half or seven weeks pregnant.

She also revealed that the miscarriage happened a few weeks before she started filming this season.

“Literally, I took my kids to Anguilla for spring break and was on my way home, and I was like, I felt something,” Toya told Daily Dish.

“And I knew. And so I had no choice [but to talk about it]. I couldn’t even fix my process, my thoughts. And so it was visible. I wasn’t the smiley, the happy, my kids weren’t happy. And so it was difficult to share.”

The 43-year-old star expressed that no matter how painful, it was important for her to speak her truth in order to help other women who may be going through a similar situation.

“But I have to keep telling myself that it wasn’t just something that I was dealing with, which was something that I noticed along the way,” she said. ”

“So many people started coming out of the woodwork talking about the problems they went through conceiving. So if this is gonna help somebody, then I can do it. If not, then I don’t want to talk about it anymore because it was a lot of talking about it.”

Toya also shared that she never thought that she could ever suffer a miscarriage, recalling the time when she went on a ride during her first pregnancy and she was perfectly fine. “And here I am now like, gosh, could you have imagined if I’d have lost my baby boy Ashton? I would have died,” Toya said.

Toya, her husband, and both their sons are still hopefull to add a little member to the family and Toya would love a baby girl this time.

She said: “Some days I do. Whenever I’m around someone that says they’re having a girl. Or, you know, just when I see little girls. I can imagine like a little mini-me.”

And the couple is open to ‘adoption’ too.

“Maybe we’ll adopt,” she said. “That’s what I’m thinking. That would be great.”

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