Cash Money CEO Birdman Reveals His New $100k Diamond Teeth!! (Pics)

There’s a new fashion in town. As you might know, rappers usually enjoy having the best of the best. And many of them replace their natural teeth with gold teeth, because how else would you show your wealth? Well the fashion has reached now a new level, and Cash Money CEO Bryan “Birdman” Williams has now diamond teeth.

After more than 20 years having gold teeth, rapper Birdman must have decided they are out of fashion. So he removed them, and then got an update. Because his company is called Cash Money, he needs the best to show his status, right?

So having gold teeth was so common now, he needed to do something different.

That’s why Birdman now has diamond teeth. And no, not just one little diamond there. He got veneers inside his mouth and each one of teeth now proudly displays a diamond. And MTO News reports that this procedure is extremely expensive.

How much, you ask? The number is $100,000.

Birdman is not the only one hopping on the Diamond veneers trend. It looks like Lil Uzi unveiled his diamond teeth yesterday also, and Bryan couldn’t stay behind now, can he? But fans in the comments threat accused him of copying him: “Man he copying Uzi smh” and “Uzi did it better”

We for sure can expect a new trend to rise and a lot of rappers to display them in the future.

Just a few days, Lil Wayne and rap mogul Birdman have ended their legal suits over Drake’s royalties. The two former business partners were fighting over the rights to Drake’s music. Lil Wayne’s ex manager, Cortez Bryant, sued Cash Money Records and Universal Music in 2017 for holding out on royalties owed from Drake’s music. And after suit after suit, they finally reached an understanding.

So I guess this is Birdman’s way of celebrating?

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