Cops Issue Arrest Warrant For Joseline Hernandez After She Refuses To Turn Over Stevie J’s Child (Details)

The custody drama between Joseline Hernandez and Stevie J doesn’t seem to end too soon. Because they don’t look like they’re ready to compromise to get to an agreement. Further more, things are getting worse and worse for them. And now Stevie wants to get Joseline arrested for restricting his right to visit his daughter.

So after their breakup, Stevie was the first to petition for the custody of his almost-three-year-old daughter Bonnie Bella. He cited that his home conditions are a better environment for the child. But the Love & Hip Hop Atlanta star disagreed with him. She shared that she is a good mother, despite the fact that she has a lower income.

And then proceeded in asking him to pay more child support to offer her the same life she would have lead before.

But there was no way any of them agreed to that. So they went to court last week to sort it out. But according to Bossip, Stevie got access to see his daughter on a court order. And he reportedly flew to Miami in a rush to see his daughter. He wanted to rekindle their relationship and be more involved in their relationship.

But Joseline blocked him from seeing her, despite the fact that he was legally entitled to take her. He was supposed to take her to school and hang out with her and bring her back home by 7 PM.

And now she’s on the verge of getting arrested because she disregarded the child custody she had with Stevie. He reportedly wants her in jail for taking away his right to spend time with Bonnie. So instead of allowing him to see her, Joseline took the child and flew her to L.A.

It looks like Stevie’s attorney, Adamma McKinnon, managed to get the judge to issue an arrest warrant. The judge stated that if Joseline doesn’t turn over their daughter when he arrives in L.A., she will go to jail.

But now TMZ reports that Joseline returned to Miami with Bonnie. And while Stevie is no longer there, one of his adult children lives in South Florida and will go and pick up Bonnie. If Joseline agrees to that, of course. In addition to the arrest warrant, the judge issued sole physical custody, which Joseline had, to Stevie, who had visitation, until August 15 when they’re back in court.

For now, the only one who is really suffering is Bonnie.

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