Monica Brown Talks About Divorce From Husband Shannon Brown: ‘I Don’t Hate Him. I Still Love Him!’

Late last week, singer Monica Brown paid a visit to The Breakfast Club and Sway’s Universe where she opened about a few things. One such thing was her decision to divorce her ex-husband and father of her child, former NBA players Shannon Brown. The two broke up after there were several allegations that he had cheated on her with multiple women.

Monica filed for divorce from her longtime husband back in March after being together for over 10 years. While she was hurt by the incident, there is no love lost between them. Before the sitdown at the popular news stations, Monica was spotted out in New York City where she was asked if she supported Shannon’s career.

She said, “I’m gonna support everything he does…We have children. That’s automatic.”She also said, “It started with love, and it ended the same way.”

During the interview last week, Monica told The Breakfast Club team, “We were married almost nine years, and I think life changes really got the best of both of us at times. I take accountability for what my part is…it is what it is. Divorce has not been easy. Everywhere I go, it’s the first thing that comes up.”

She continued by saying, “One thing about me is, I’m gonna respect him to the death, ’cause he didn’t do anything- I don’t hate him,” she told the radio hosts.

She also said, “I’m protective of people that I love. I have no desire to air anyone out. I don’t rock like that…my loyalty doesn’t allow me to discuss certain things. I have no desire to sensationalize anything that I’ve been through.”

Despite her support for her ex-husband, the breakup was not easy on Monica. During an episode of “T.I. & Tiny: Friends & Family Hustle,” she said that she felt overwhelmed by the breakup.

Monica and Shannon also have other children from previous relationships. “The Boy Is Mine” singer claimed that her 11-year-old son asked her to stop the divorce. It was then that she told him the truth.

Monica told Sway, “They’re definitely impacted. Even more than us because we know what’s taking place, sometimes, when they don’t. In their minds, they’re always trying to figure it out — they’re always trying to figure out what happened, why, and what the changes may be. So for us, my main focus was to make sure that they were okay.”

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