Mo’Nique Says Tyler Perry Did NOT Pay Taraji P. Henson Fairly ‘He Robbed Her!’

Taraji P. Henson has been very outspoken about how grateful she was to Tyler Perry for cutting her first paycheck as an actress, but according to Mo’Nique, Tyler’s check didn’t reflect Taraji’s worth. It’s not the first time that Mo’Nique has been outspoken about how the industry takes advantage of certain people, but it’s one of the first times that she’s mentioned names.

Back in June, Taraji said, “I think the industry knew I was talented. But it’s about money. Are you bankable? I had to continuously prove that. I’ve been trying to prove and improve. I was asking for half a million. I didn’t get paid that until I did my first Tyler Perry film.”

But some people (Mo’Nique) had an opinion about Taraji’s comment.

“He [Tyler] says, ‘I’m the first person to pay Taraji P. Henson the most money she’s ever made.’ And then we say, ‘But did you pay her fairly?’ And then he said, ‘I paid her more than she’s ever made.’ What does that mean, brother?” the award-winning actress asked.

Taraji seemed to have been happy with the amount that and now people are calling Mo’Nique bitter.

But that wasn’t all that she said. In her interview, Mo also had something to say about Tyler Perry buying Tiffany Haddish a car. She told Comedy Hype, “When you go and buy Tiffany Haddish a car” and her husband Sidney Hicks added, “If I give you what you are worth, you can buy your own car.”

Some people thought that she was only taking aim at Tyler, but she also took some shots at ABC’s “The View.”

In another interview, she said that she was disappointed in Whoopi. “Because Whoopi Goldberg told me the salary she makes from ‘The View.’ And that hurt my feelings. You’ve been there for 10 years, and you accept them paying you that? And you’re telling me, ‘Don’t worry about the little ones coming up?”

She also said, “Damn if I ain’t gotta be worried about you too. Because you accept that salary, it makes it hard for me. And how hard do you think it’s gonna make for the ones who ain’t here yet, because you accept that salary?”

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