Arsonist BURNS DOWN Beyonce & Jay Z’s New Orleans 15,000 Square Foot Mansion! (Video)

Arsonists seem to have burned down Beyoncé and Jay Z‘s New Orleans mansion seems to have been burned down. The former church the power couple owns caught fire on Wednesday.

Some fans go to great lengths to meet their idols. They go to concerts, do meet and greets, tweet them, follow them. But then, there are others who would not realize that there are boundaries between the artists’ personal and professional life.

So they break into their houses, they stalk them, or worse.

Arsonists reportedly broke in and burned down Beyoncé and Jay Z’s huge New Orleans mansion on Wednesday. Now officials seem to think that the fire has been intentionally set, according to WWL-TV.

But you wouldn’t believe the lengths they went to.

According to authorities, the fire appeared to have been started in the kitchen of the home on Wednesday evening. The fire began around 6:20 p.m. local time. Firefighters reportedly found books inside of an oven, as well as gas can inside the home.

There’s even an eyewitness with a movie-worthy story.

One man claiming to be an eyewitness to Wednesday’s fire told local tv station WGNO that he saw a man running from the home. “I was walking around the corner with my dog, Ziggy Smalls, and I saw a lot of smoke coming out. My neighbor around the corner, she saw a dude jump over the fence on the backside of Harmony and Eighth.” However, the city’s fire department hasn’t publicly opened up on the cause of the fire.

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