People Are Reacting To Biden Allegedly Sending Student Loan Checks To The House And It’s Hilarious

Now ya’ll know we are always here for a little kiki even when we aren’t sure of the validity of certain things in the news cycle.

Recently a few news outlets including WFLA shared the headline: Biden predicts student loan forgiveness checks will go out within two weeks

Taken at face value people might think he meant, he would be sending students the checks to their homes, but we should never take anything at face value unless we want to have a little fun… Right?

This was the tweet:

And according to a direct quote from the WFLA news report:

Biden predicted that the court fight over his student loan forgiveness program would be quickly resolved and that borrowers would soon see their refunds materialize.

“We’re gonna win that case. I think in the next two weeks you’re gonna see those checks going out,” Biden told Nexstar’s Reshad Hudson in an exclusive interview in Syracuse, N.Y.

A federal appeals court ruling last Friday halted the loan forgiveness program and stopped the administration from disbursing relief while the court considers a challenge from six Republican-led states.

To be clear Student Forgiveness is a complicated thing, and we do not anticipate that we will actually receive checks in the mail, but the videos are hilarious.

We have to still remain vigilant to see what happens in a few weeks.

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