ForeverDuncan Bride Defends Her Wedding Day Viral Video

Last weekend, Sherrell Duncan became an overnight internet sensation after her then-boyfriend (now-husband), Alfred, planned a surprise proposal and wedding all in the same day and posted all of the moments on Instagram. Of course, it went viral.

There was suddenly a spotlight on the couple’s love story, and while some applauded the well-planned romantic gesture and how the groom showered his bride with love, others scrutinized Sherell’s reaction to Alfred’s efforts to make her his wife.

Video from their big day, show the new Mrs. jumping up and down and crying frantically because she was overcome with emotion and joy Alfred.

In a Facebook Live video posted days after her nuptials, Sherrell told those who had criticized her bridal bliss that their negativity wasn’t welcome.

“Bless the negativity. Don’t feed it,” she shared with the supporters who tuned into her addressing her big day.

“The biggest question is: ‘How did you feel that day?’ When I was jumping up and down and about to pass out. I was in the presence of the Lord,” Duncan clarified. “And the reason I say that is because God has been working all through my husband…he has [shown] him how to love his wife before he even made me his wife.”

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Transformations in their relationship and Alfred’s thoughtfulness made her reaction more overwhelming.

“I was astonished by the wedding but I was more astonished [by] how he created such an event — not an event — a moment for me,” Duncan added. “He has been studying me. He has been listening. He has been watching me and he has been following God’s plan for me the entire time.”

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