How To Do Amazing Butterfly Locs

Butterfly Locs is still one of the hottest protective styles for black women to date and we want to make sure we provide you with everything you need to know, to recreate the style.

What are butterfly locs
Butterfly locs are a boho chic way of creating regular faux locs with an added messy bohemian flair.

They are also called distressed locs because they aren’t meant to look as neat as regular faux locs.

The curly loops along the length of each loc is signature to the style.

See below examples:


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Butterfly locs is a technique created by stylist @laidby.cb and most of the time they are shoulder length, or bob length, which helps them to look super chunky and cute.

What Type of Hair to Use and How Much
The short answer is, it depends! If you have long natural hair or if you prefer your locs to be long, you may need two types of hair.

You will need 6-8 packs of water wave hair so that you can create the signature loops on the style.

If you want long locs you can use Marley hair to create the individual braid and the wavy hair to wrap it for that effortless look.

The longer the braided Marley hair the longer the style will be.

Recommended Hair

22β€³ FreeTress Water Wave
18β€³ Sensationnel Lulutress Synthetic Crochet Braid
Niseyo Butterfly Locs Pre-Looped Crochet Hair 12β€³ (Crochet method only)
AMELI 6 Packs Marley Braiding Hair (Optional, 1-2 packs)

You’ll also need

Shine N Jam
Hair crochet needle
Rubber bands (optional)
Nail glue (optional)

Now for the fun part!

How to Do Butterfly Locs

How To Do Amazing Butterfly Locs

There are two methods for installing Butterfly Locs, the braid and wrap method and the crochet method.

Before you start either method, you need to ensure that the synthetic hair you purchase is clean. Soak the synthetic hair in Apple Cider Vinegar and water (1 part vinegar and 2 parts water) for a couple of hours to ensure you do not have a reaction to the hair once installed.

Braid and Wrap Method

Step 1: We suggest figuring out how you want your hair to flow before you start parting and braiding. Create individual sections in your natural hair and braid each section neatly.

Use your jam or edge control to keep parts neat and feel free to use rubber bands on the roots of the hair to make the install easier for you.

If you want more length, braid the Marley hair into each braid to create the desired length you want.

Step 2: Using two separated pieces of your water wave hair loosely wrap your braided section like a cocoon, creating a distressed loc over your braid. You can tug the hair a bit to create loops along the section to add that boho vibe Butterfly locs are known for.

Watch this method below:

The Crochet Method
Use a crochet needle to add a one piece of your water wave hair at the base of your braid using the needles hook. Close the hook and pull the hair less than halfway through the root of your braid.

Using the longest portion of the water wave hair, start wrapping your braid or braid with extensions to again create that bohemian look. You want to wrap the shorter portion of the water wave hair against the braid a couple of times to ensure it’s secure before moving down the length of the braid.

Watch this method below:

and watch this one too:

Need more inspiration watch a few more tutorials below, and we have thrown in a couple styles as well.

Butterfly locs Tutorial 1

Butterfly locs Tutorial 2

If you are not sold on the freetress hair and you want to see what different types of hair will look like using this technique watch this video.

Youtuber and stylist Olanma Treasure demonstrates Butterfly Locs using Passion Twist hair, kinky bulk hair and spring twists.

Butterfly locs

butterfly locs

butterfly locs

butterfly locs

butterfly locs


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Butterfly Locs Tutorial:

Butterfly Locs Tutorial:

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