Steve Harvey Reacts to Mo’Nique Calling Him a C**n

Steve Harvey has responded to Mo’Nique calling him a “c**n” during her set at The Comedy Explosion in Detroit last weekend.

While speaking on the Steve Harvey Morning Show, he stated, “Let me just start by saying, I – I couldn’t care less about what you think about me. Because clearly, I’m not your problem. Anyone who really knows me can never make that statement. You trying to sound profound now? But really, girl. Girl…”

Harvey went on to address the dispute between Mo’Nique and D.L. Hughley over the contract and the headlining spot for the night. He explained, “Her management, whoever he is, simply stated ‘I got this gig, you co-headline.’ I promise you that’s what was told. … And that was incorrect information because D.L. put that contract online. He was 100 percent headlining. Co-headlining affects the money. If you’re co-headlining, you’re gonna get the same cash.”

Skip to the 30-minute mark in the below video to hear the segment.

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