G-rieving Widow Photoshops Her Late Husband Into Her Maternity PhotoShoot

A gorgeous woman expecting a baby pays tribute to her late husband during her maternity photoshoot.

The expecting mother, Naadirah Fate shared pictures from her maternity photoshoot and baby shower on Instagram, the picture caught the eyes of several people. The picture portrays her love for her husband who is no more.


She lost her husband, Michael Lamar Cousette due to g-un vi-olence when he was 27 years old. Naadirah wishes her husband by her side during her baby shower and maternity photoshoot.

So she decided to Photoshop her husband’s image in the photoshoot and likewise, Michael was highlighted prominently at her maternity photoshoot.

The photoshopped image of her husband brought a smile to Naadirah face during the event.

The other day the g-rieving widow revealed she is in labor and missed her husband a lot. She wrote on Instagram, “ God I ask you to ease my pain and heal my br-oken heart because I have never felt so much pain in my life like today!”.

“Husband our boy is almost here in this world and I wish to see every part of you in our little prince, I can not wait!”

Source & Credit: dainikplus.info

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