Lori Harvey Says She Lost 15 Lbs. of Relationship Weight She Gained Since Dating Michael B. Jordan [Video]

Lori Harvey got herself in some hot water after revealing she lost 15-pounds of ‘relationship weight’ that she gained while dating Michael B. Jordan.

After attributing Pilates as the main reason for her toned Met Gala physique, the 25-year-old model had fans taking an interest in her fitness — to both positive and negative reactions.

In a TikTok from the SKN founder this Friday, Harvey gave more details about her weight loss journey and exercise routine.

“Okay so I just left my Pilates class,” she said, “and I see all the girls saying they’re signing up for Pilates now, love that for you guys.”

“But everybody’s been asking like what it is I specifically did to get my body to this point. So when Mike and I got together, I gained like 15 pounds of relationship weight and it was horrible, none of my clothes fit, it was just not OK,” she said, referring to her boyfriend of over a year, Michael B. Jordan.

Harvey continued, “So I’ve been consistently doing Pilates for like the last year. I’ve done it for a few years, but I’ve been really consistent the last year. And when I was trying to drop weight, I was working out like five, six times a week, and I would even do, for the first month and a half, I would even do two-a-days.”

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