There’s A Ton Of Stories About Chad Johnson Being Cheap, But Him Sleeping At Stadium To Save Money Is The Cheapest One Yet

It’s an uncommon and unfortunate situation that occurs more often than not. Many former athletes who once raked in millions are now broke. According to an article from Sports Illustrated, an overwhelming estimate of almost 80% of NFL players file for bankruptcy or end up “under financial stress because of joblessness or divorce.”

In 2008 Reebok Required Chad Johnson to Pay Them $4 Million.

Although Johnson has been cheap, he has had his fair share of financial issues. For example, after legally changing his name to “Ochocinco,” he would have had to cough up the retail price to Reebok to buy back each jersey with the name “C. Johnson.” Reports stated that the estimated value could have cost him almost $5 million.

Due to financial issues, multiple attempts to legally change his name back to Chad Johnson went unsuccessful. But he was able to retrieve his name in 2012. Also, in 2017, Johnson suffered from foreclosure on one of his properties after defaulting on a loan. According to Bossip, the Miami Gardens home was reportedly purchased for one of his children’s mothers. However, it was later auctioned to the highest bidder at just $100.

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