IG Models Come To Brittany Renner’s Defense To Say LeBron Cheats With White Women

It isn’t surprising that IG Models formed like Voltron to come to the defense of Brittany Renner after it was directly said that men prefer women like Ayesha Curry and Savannah James to Renner.

This came on the heels of Cam Newton saying he is tired of bad b*tches and would like young ladies to learn how to cook, be quiet at times and let the man lead.

People have been arguing about these comments for days now, but sadly this has drawn LeBron and Steph Curry into the conversation.

While Steph has been spared any type of direct accusations beyond finding it interesting that Ayesha was crying to Jada Pinkett about being hurt she doesn’t get attention from other men, LeBron has not been spared.

He is getting COOKED in the comments according to Total Pro Sports.

One IG Model by the name of Jayden Robinson went so far as to claim that one of LeBron James or Steph Curry is “10000%” cheating on their wife, which is a pretty damning accusation from someone with nearly 65k followers.

Another woman doubled down on Renner’s comments by saying, “She ain’t lying…one of ya favorites them like Snow Bunnies … with a black wife.

And there were many more women throughout the comments section who were flat-out calling out LeBron for his unfaithfulness.

Every social media user knows that anything coming from the comments section or an IG Model (or in this case, both) should always be taken with a grain of salt. It’s not the first time someone’s come at LeBron James with cheating accusations.

There is no way to know if the IG models are just salty or if there is some truth to what they are saying. I actually know the truth, but as long as no one is breaking the law or being called out publicly it isn’t really my place to speak on it.

Source & Credit: blacksportsonline.com


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