Will Smith Is Ready To Divorce Jada Pinkett But Is Scared She Might Air Out Dirty Secrets & Take Half His Money

It is very clear that Will and Jada are in a toxic relationship and marriage. It has been that way for many years, and that “Will and Jada” love was a mirage. It was a carefully curated image that wasn’t anywhere near the truth of what was really going on in their relationship. Frankly, all relationships are like that. You can’t depend on what people say or show on social media to gauge how someone’s relationship is.

They could look so happy on Instagram, and the next day you are reading a report about how she stabbed him to death (that is a real story). According to OK Magazine, Will is ready to move on, but he is scared of what Jada might do if he leaves her.

It’s believed tension has allegedly grown between the pair following Will’s explosive actions at the Oscars last month where he slapped Chris Rock across the face for making light of Jada’s shaved head.

After he hit the comedian, Jada is thought to have been seen laughing from her seat. She later broke her silence and shared a cryptic post on Instagram where the mum-of-two said it was the “season of healing”.

While Will, 53, publicly apologized to both the Academy and Chris for his very public outburst, it’s thought to have put a strain on his relationship with his 50 year old wife.

“There have been problems for years, but they’re barely speaking right now. If they were to split, Will has a fortune of $350million that Jada would be entitled to half of under Californian law.

“It could be one of the ugliest divorces in showbiz history and drag on longer than Angelina’s and Brad’s did.”

They added: “Will obviously doesn’t want that, but there is only so much he can take.”

It isn’t the money Will is worried about but what might come out in the divorce if it gets ugly.

He is really stuck between a rock and a hard place.

Jada has embarrassed Will in public. It has been a lot of times.

Source & Credit: blacksportsonline.com

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