Black Couple Gives Birth to a Blond, Blue-Eyed Child ‘A Miracle Baby’

A black couple couldn’t believe their eyes when they first met their baby girl. They sat and gazed at their daughter with blue eyes and blonde hair for a long time, already parents to two children.

It’s nothing short of a miracle to become a parent. Have you ever considered a white couple welcoming a black child or the other way around?

While such events are scientifically and logically perplexing, the fact that they are occurring proves that miracles may occur at any time, anywhere, and to anybody. Something similar happened to two Nigerian parents in London.


Angela and Ben Ihegboro lived in London as a Nigerian immigrant couple. They had their third child, a baby girl, in 2010.

They were, however, dumbfounded the minute they saw her for the first time. The 35-year-old mother expressed herself as follows:

“She is stunning, a miraculous child.”

Nmachi is the name they gave to their infant girl. Little Nmachi was born with blonde hair and blue eyes, unlike their other two children, who were both black like their parents.

Baby Nmachi. | Photo:


The Ihegboros were baffled by what had occurred. They sat for a long time, marveling at their miraculous child. Ben, a 44-year-old customer service representative, threw out any conjecture about the subject. He continued, ”

“Of course she’s mine,” says the narrator. My wife is honest with me. Even if she hadn’t been, the kid wouldn’t have turned out that way (sic).”

While Angela and Ben were likely to think of Nmachi as a “miracle baby” for the rest of their life, genetic scientists and medical specialists began seeking for reasonable reasons for how such a thing could happen.

Ben and Angela Ihegboro with their daughter Nmachi. | Photo:


Following that, three theories were proposed. The first said that Nmachi was the product of a one-of-a-kind DNA mutation, and that if she could, she would pass the gene on to her children, who would also be white.

Nmachi’s skin hue may have piqued the curiosity of medical doctors and geneticists, but her parents will always consider her a miracle.

The second idea said that Nmachi was the result of long-dormant white genes in her parent’s forebears that had never shown themselves until she was born.

Finally, albinism might be the cause of Nmachi’s pale skin tone, according to a third idea. While the physicians stated that she was not a full albino, they speculated that she may have a mutant form of albinism.

Her skin color could deepen over time if that’s the case. According to the BBC, albinism may be passed down through generations and was not uncommon in Nigeria.

Doctors also speculated that the Ihegboro pair may have long-dormant Caucasian DNA from a previous interracial relationship.


Whatever the situation may be with tiny Nmachi, her parents are overjoyed to have her in their life. Ben also shared the following:

“In any case, she doesn’t appear to be an albino youngster.” Not like the ones I’ve seen in literature or in Nigeria. She just appears to be a normal white baby.”

Nmachi’s skin hue may have piqued the curiosity of medical doctors and geneticists, but her parents will always consider her a miracle. If you enjoyed reading this amazing story, please tell your friends and family about it.

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