Meet Alfonso Ribeiro’s 4 Biracial Kids including Oldest Daughter Sienna from His First Marriage

In 2003, actor Alfonso Ribeiro became a father for the first time after welcoming his daughter Sienna Ribeiro. Meet the star’s oldest child and his beautiful family.

American actor Alfonso Ribeiro is famous for portraying Carlton Banks on the NBC sitcom “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air,” which aired from 1990 to 1996. He also starred in “Silver Spoons,” and “In The House,” where he portrayed Maxwell Stanton.

Besides his acting career, he also has an incredible television career as he hosted and appeared in many television dance and game shows.

Alfonso Ribeiro visits People Now Studios in New York City on November 14, 2019. | Photo: Getty Images
Away from his career, Alfonso is a family man. He is married to Angela Unkrich, with whom he shares three children. The actor also has a daughter Sienna Ribeiro, who he shares with his former first wife, Robin Stapler. Meet Sienna and the rest of Alfonso’s family.


Alfonso and his ex-wife, Stapler, welcomed Sienna in 2003 before calling it quits in their marriage in 2006. Since becoming a father, the actor has made parenting his priority and loves being with his kids.

He shares a close bond with Sienna and gushed over her in June when she graduated from high school. The proud dad shared multiple pictures from Sienna’s graduation and gushed over her in the post’s caption by writing:

“My baby girl Sienna just Graduated from High School. I’m so proud. She’s gonna go do big things in her life. She’s smart, beautiful, motivated, funny, passionate and makes everyone around her happier.”

Besides making her dad proud, Sienna is also following in his footsteps as she has gone into acting. Although his daughter is taking after him, Ribeiro told Closer Weekly that she does not want to be known as Alfonso Ribeiro’s kid.

He explained that she has the acting bug and has been auditioning and working. However, he said he has been hands-off while supporting Sienna in her career.

The former “Dancing With The Stars” winner said he is always peeking in but allowing Sienna to find her place in what she wants to do.


On October 13, 2012, Alfonso tied the knot with Unkrich after being engaged for three years. Since getting married, the couple has been living a life of wedded bliss.

The “fresh prince of bel-air” star never fails to pay tribute to his wife and did so once again on mother’s day.
Following their marriage, Alfonso expanded his family as he welcomed three more kids with Unkrich. Unkrich also evolved into a loving and dedicated stepmom to Sienna.

Unkrich and Alfonso welcomed their first child and son, Alfonso Jr., in 2012, while their second son Anders Reyn Ribeiro was born in 2015.

Anders has an obsession with rocks. Hence, when he turned two in 2017, his parents celebrated his birthday by throwing him a rock-themed Dump Truck-fueled birthday party.

In May 2019, Alfonso and Unkrich welcomed their third child together, a daughter named Ava Sue. The actor announced his second daughter’s birth himself by sharing a picture of her on his Instagram page.

In May, he celebrated Ava’s second birthday and shared pictures from the Pig Party bash he threw for her. In the post’s caption, he said Ava is awesome and will be a very special girl..

Alfonso is a proud dad to his interracial kids as he and Unkrich have created a sweet blended family. The couple usually shares pictures of their beautiful family moments on Instagram.

It is not unusual for Alfonso to be a great father to his four children. One way he loves teaching them about the world is by traveling because he thinks travel is the greatest way to educate one’s family.

On October 1, 2020, he shared pictures of one of his family’s many trips when they visited Horseshoe Bend in Texas, USA. The Emmy nominee also got to spend more time with his wife and kids amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

On December 26, 2020, Alfonso shared a beautiful family greeting card showing him and his family posing for a lovely picture as they wished everyone a Merry Christmas.

The “Fresh Prince of Bel-Air” star never fails to pay tribute to his wife and did so once again on Mother’s Day. He shared pictures showing Unkrich posing with their kids at different times and a picture of his mom posing with Alfonso Jr., Anders, and Sue.

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