Fans Call Child Services Saying Summer Walker’s Baby Is Too Skinny And Looks Malnourished (Pics)

Summer Walker is back with a new controversy. In a picture with her newborn, fans noticed that Summer’s baby was very skinny, and they’re claiming the baby is malnourished. Some even claimed they wanted to call Child Services on Summer.

Summer Walker is no stranger to controversy. Sometimes, it feels like it’s weird for her not to have a certain controversy going on. But the R&B singer is a mom now, and she has a whole new area to be weird about.

This new one is about her baby’s food.

Summer just had her baby girl about two months ago, with rapper London on Da Track. But while Summer doesn’t want her baby’s face to be on social media, she does want to share some moments.

She posted some of the pics on her GalactaWh*re account.

The pictures show Summer holding her daughter, who she’s affectionally referred as Princess Bubblegum. But she also revealed what she’s feeding her daughter, and we hope it’s a lie. Summer is vegan, and revealed she’s not giving her baby formula.

Instead, Summer created her own home made baby formula using hemp seeds, lime juice, and honey.

On Twitter, some fans expressed concern over the 2-month-old’s Summer Walker’s baby, saying she’s too skinny. “Chile I’m praying for Summer Walker and her baby bc WTF is this shit?????” one fan tweeted. Others wrote “I just know summer walker not really feeding her baby seeds honey & shrooms,” one fan wrote. “CPS go get that baby before I do it.”

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