Wendy’s Adds Italian Mozarella Chicken Sandwich And Garlic Fries to The Menus

Wendy’s isn’t only adding peppermint Frostys to the menu. The restaurant franchise is also adding Italian Mozzarella sandwiches and garlic fries.

The Italian Mozarella Chicken Sandwich is available now with an order of garlic fries on the side. Thrillist reports the ingredients for the tasty sandwiches, which include breaded crispy chicken breast topped with fried mozzarella cheese, marinara sauce, and aged Asiago cheese on a toast garlic knot bun.

Wendy’s described the sandwich as “the best appetizer platter in a single sandwich.” The sandwich is also available to burger lovers who aren’t fans of chicken sandwiches.

You better hurry quickly, though. The sandwiches and fries are only available for a limited time nationwide!

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