Flavor Flav Gets A Lifetime Of Free Flights With Southwest Airlines Following His Incident With Spirit Airlines [Video]

Southwest Airlines offers to fly Flavor Flav for free whenever he wants following his incident with Spirit Airlines.

Earlier this month, Flav got into a verbal disagreement with a gate agent at Spirit who refused to let him on the plane. Flav claimed the agent slammed the door in face and would not reopen it, resulting into a heated argument.

Spirit investigated the situation and refunded the Public Enemy rapper and upgraded his flying status to “gold.”

Nevertheless, Southwest caught wind of the situation and chose to give Flav a better offer. Flav and his team was contacted by a Southwest executive and received a massive gift. The rep told Flav that he is allowed to fly with the airline at anytime, free of charge. To sweeten the deal, Flav also received a buddy pass for a companion to join him on his various trips.

Flav have been on good terms with Southwest in the past. At one point, Flav even acted as an honorary flight attendant during a trip to Las Vegas.

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