Kanye West’s Contract With Stem Player Company That Released His ‘Donda 2’ Terminates It’s Relationship With The Artist

Kanye West gets dropped by Stem Player company that released his Donda 2 album.

Kano, the tech company behind the Stem Player, recently announced the termination of its relationship with Kanye. Earlier this year, Kanye released his 11th studio album, “Donda 2” solely on the Stem Player, which he promoted as his “own platform.”

“I asked Kanye not to take the path he’s on,” the company’s co-founder and CEO Alex Klein said. “We’ve told him that we’re unable to work together while he’s putting out racial conspiracy theories. There’s no deal in place.”

The Stem Player was designed to allow fans to control the drums, vocals, bass, samples and more to customize songs. However, fans got a surprise once “Donda 2” appeared on the platform. Apple Music was also stunned by the release and cancelled their sponsorship deal with Kanye in response.

Despite Kanye’s recent antisemitic statements, Klein says he had issues from the beginning of their relationship.

“Unfortunately, Kanye didn’t want to allow other musical artists onto the platform,” he explained. “This was a disagreement that we had trouble resolving.”

“Good engineering is about having correct information and acting upon it,” he wrote. “At the end of the day, as long as what’s flowing through Ye is hatred towards a particular ethnic group … it’s gonna be very hard for us to collaborate creatively.”

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