Taco Bell Reveals New 7 Layer Nacho Fries While Also Bringing Back Fan Favorite Enchirito For A Limited Time

Taco Bell is bringing back a classic fan favorite for a limited time.

Now through Nov 30, customers can purchase an Enchirito for just $3.79 nationwide.

The enchirito is a soft flour tortilla filled with seasoned beef, beans, and diced onions, then rolled and topped with cheddar cheese and their classic red enchilada sauce.
Earlier this week, Taco Bell announced that it would expand on its famous Nacho Fries.
The new “7-Layer Nacho Fries” will be topped with “revamped” guacamole and loaded with black beans, diced tomatoes, reduced-fat sour cream, warm nacho cheese sauce, creamy chipotle sauce, shredded cheeses, seasoned beef, and warm nacho cheese sauce.
In addition to being vegan, its “revamped” guacamole is made with Hass avocados, tomatoes, and onions.

Another new item on the Taco Bell menu is the Grilled Cheese Nacho Fries, inspired by the Grilled Cheese Burrito.
This delicious concoction is topped with grilled steak, warm nacho cheese sauce, creamy chipotle sauce, mozzarella, cheddar, and pepper jack cheese, then grilled to make them melty and golden.
Currently, the Grilled Cheese Nacho Fries are only being tested in Sacramento, Califo. The 7-Layer Nacho Fries are offered nationwide, à la carte for $3.99 or in a burrito for $3.49.


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