Ciara Shares Her Portion Of The Chris Brown, Michal Jackson Cancelled AMA Performance And Now People Are Mad All Over Again

People have been sharing their opinions about the cancelled Chris Brown Michael Jackson tribute all day, but things really went left when Ciara shared that she was cancelled too.

According to her caption on social media, Ciara was going to be part of the Chris Brown 40th Thriller Anniversary performance and she took the opportunity to not only give Chris his flowers but share part of their rehearsal.

She captioned her video by saying:

MJ thank you for the inspiration you’ve given us all! Thriller 40th Anniversary. @ChrisBrownOfficial you’re a rare breed of this generation. Always fun to rock with you 💃🏽



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Kelly Rowland hopped in the comments saying:

You are a BAAAAAAADDDMUTHAFWUCKA!!! Do you hear me?!?!!!! BAD!!! Love you and so incredibly proud of you!

We have since found out why the performance was cancelled.

@puckdotnews Matthew Belloni, says he knows the reason why and he’s the one who is somewhat behind the decision.
Chris and the award show’s producers had been working on the tribute for weeks.

The producers wanted Chris to perform at the awards to give him an opportunity to showcase his talents after Chris felt he had been “shadow-banned” from Hollywood since the #MeToo movement.

Belloni claims that when he caught wind of Chris Brown’s performance, he immediately contacted the higher ups at Disney and ABC about the “optics” of the performance.

He says that the “prospect of a convicted domestic abuser feting an alleged child molester” on a Disney network wasn’t the best idea.

The higher-ups didn’t even know about Chris’ performance until Belloni called and told them.

Once the executives found out about the performance, they immediately told the producers to cut the tribute as a whole.

The producers were reportedly furious at the decision to axe the performance because they knew the backlash they would receive, but after calls with multiple executives through the company they decided that Chris could still perform, but he couldn’t do the tribute because it would be too “radioactive”.

They tried to come up with an alternative plan, but Chris said it’s all or nothing for him— either he does the performance he planned on doing or he won’t perform at all. So, he didn’t perform and posted the rehearsal footage on his Instagram.

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