“He’s Been Doing This but They Never Cared”: NBA Fans Erupt as Kyrie Irving Follows Up $65K Gesture With $50K Donation to University of Virginia Sho’oting Victim [Photos]

After Irving had donated a large sum of money to the ‘gofundme’ campaign for Shanquella Robinson after her death, he donated another $50,000 to the gofundme campaign for Devin Chandler.

Devin Chandler was one of the three football players who lost their lives in a school shooting. Many NBA players and celebrities offered their condolences to the friends and family of the deceased.

But Kyrie Irving went a step further to help them from a monetary aspect. This was a huge benevolent gesture from the seven-time All-Star. However, the mainstream media might not highlight Irving’s good deeds and rather focus on what he did wrong.

But that doesn’t mean that fans did not notice Irving’s actions to help those who are in dire need. One fan tweeted, “He’s been doing this, but they never cared.” Another fan commented, “I think Kyrie is donating 500K to black families in need right now and I respect the hell out of him for it. Give that 500K to the people, not a scuma** organization like the ADL.”

Here are some more reactions from Twitter.

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