‘Power Rangers’ Alum Amy Jo Johnson Breaks Down in Tears as She Mourns Death of Jason David Frank

In the wake of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers alum Jason David Frank’s death, Johnson — who is his former costar — spoke out about his passingin an Instagram Live on Monday. The 52-year-old actress and filmmaker broke down in tears upon doing so, saying how the whole situation “sucks so bad.”

“I just came on here because I was feeling really sad and really it’s really hitting home today what had happened and that he’s gone,” Johnson said through tears. “I don’t know. I just thought of all of you guys because I know how much you all meant to him and how much you guys are probably in the same amount of pain and so sad.”

She continued, “He was such a force and such a bright, bright, crazy, wild, funny light. I just can’t even believe it. My head hurts so bad.”

Johnson, who also performed a few emotional songs throughout the Live video, said she missed Frank “so stinking much.”

“All of his crazy voice messages on his suits, and then his sense of humor, his positivity. He was always just like constantly calling and texting me how proud he is of me,” she recalled. “I just [am] gonna miss him a lot as so many of you guys are too. We’re gonna miss them so much.”

Before wrapping up the Instagram Live with one final song, Johnson spoke about the importance of seeking help if you need it.

“Anybody who is out there who is feeling depressed and like there’s no hope, just know that that’s not the way and there is help and you do have a community here,” she said. “Just reach out. Reach out for help if you are feeling like that. F—. It f—ing sucks. Sorry for the swearing, but it really f—ing sucks. Sorry.”

“I know how much you all meant to Jason, and it sucks,” she added at the end of her session. “But we’re all going to be okay.”

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