1980s Actress Lisa Bonet Turns 55 Years Old Today And She Looks AMAZING! (PICS)

1980s actress Lisa Bonet turns 55 years old today and she STILL looks AMAZING!

Actress Lisa Bonet is celebrating her 55th birthday today and it’s hard to believe that she looks as good as she did back in the 80s on the famous The Cosby Show.

The mother-of-three mostly keeps her life very private and she’s been even more low-key since her separation from actor Jason Momoa.

But Boney is slowly coming back to social media and has begun posting updates and photos to let her fans know that she is doing okay. And fans are amazed to see just how beautiful she still looks even at the age of 55.

Lisa Bonet is one of the very few actresses in Hollywood who has not only not undergone any type of plastic surgery but has embraced her natural beauty in all its glory.

The actress, who was once married to musician Lenny Kravitz, has turned 55 years old today and her beauty just keeps thriving.

Bonet, who is mother to three children – actress Zoe Kravtiz with Lenny Kravitz and two children with ex-husband Jason Momoa, has always managed to dazzle the red carpet and her millions of fans with her unique style and her timeless “no makeup, makeup look.”

Her standout style has never failed to impress and even at age 55 she still has many more beyond-compare looks up her sleeve.

Most recently, the actress made a rare appearance at the North American premiere of Sebastião Salgado’s “Amazonia” at California Science Center in Los Angeles.

And like always, Bonet stole the show with her head-turning rig out.

Bonet walked the red carpet wearing semi-monochromatic ensemble featuring a button-down black dress shirt with black wide-leg pants. She completed her look with a black suede hat, a tiny pendant necklace, and a set of bracelets.

Needless to say, only Lisa Bonet could pull off that look.

Here are a few recent photos of the 55-year-old star. happy birthday Lisa!

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