42 Year Old IG Model Bernice Burgos Poses For Thirst Trap Pics w/ DAUGHTER! (Who Looks Better?)

42-year-old Instagram model Bernice Burgos poses for thirst trap pics with her daughter. And you really can’t tell which one is the daughter and which one is the mom.

Bernice Burgos

Bernice Burgos is one of the most famous Instagram models. She has close ties with high-profile names. She’s currently dating Boston Celtics star Jaylen Brown.

And she’s living the good life.

In a new video posted on her social media account, Bernice Burgos posed for a thirst trap with her daughter, Ashley, who is 26 and is also an Instagram model.

Bernice Burgos Daughter

And her genetics are impressive.

Age is just a number and there are multiple artists that have proven that. And Bernice is one of them, because you could hardly tell there’s a big difference between the two beautiful women.

Bernice Burgos Daughter

Bernice had her daughter at 16 years old.

The mother and daughter duo took part in a photoshoot for photos for their upcoming nightclub hostings, and it looks like they’re taking over the nightlife together. And look amazing doing so, too.


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