EXCLUSIVE: Real Housewives Of Potomac’s MICHAEL DARBY Accused Of STALKING Candiace!

The Real Housewives Of Potomac’s MICHAEL DARBY is being accused of STALKING reality TV star Candiace!

Reality TV stars Candiace Dillard-Bassett and Ashley Darby have been beefing for years and years. Their issues began during Candiace’s first season on the show. And their issues have even dragged on to social media and Ashley’s ex-husband Michael Darby.

And interestingly, now Candiace is ACCUSING Michael of STALKING and intimidating her.

While rumors are going on that former RHOP star Michael Darby is stalking and trying to intimidate Candiace Dillard, a fan posted a pretty solid receipt online which proves that Michael is really up to something.

Candiace was performing at a concert over the weekend and shockingly, Michael Darby, showed up at the show (most likely uninvited).

Fans present at the show captured photos and posted them online. The fan wrote that Michael showed up at the event to confront Candiace and later he was asked to leave.

“I really can’t believe Michael Darby came to @TherealCANDIACE concert just to talk about Ashley and be messy. It’s giving desperate,” the fan Tweeted.

Him showing up at the show uninvited doesn’t seem so alarming but then Candiace took to IG Live yesterday to confirm that Michael is indeed STALKING her.

Candiace explained that “Michael was intimidating and followed her everywhere and at one point, he even stepped in front of her and blocked her her path.” She added that he then stared her down intimidatingly.”

It’s being said that Candiace’s crew had their eyes on Michael and later asked him to leave the premises. The woman in the picture with him was asking him to leave the event.

But Michael was determined and did not leave the concert. Infact , as per insiders, he found a seat directly in front of Candiace and stared at her the entire evening.

Candiace said that she wasn’t bothered and would have performed even if devil was present there.

Here’s Michael Darby at the concert:

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