Gabrielle Union: I Took New Movie Role To Teach Zaya’s Birth Mom How To Approve Of Having A Trans Child!

Gabrielle Union is seemingly taking some digs at Siohvaughn Wade, the mother to Dwyane Wade’s daughter Zaya Wade. And she claims she took a role to teach Zaya’s birth mom how to approve of her trans daughter.

It’s no secret that NBA legend Dwyane Wade’s daughter, Zaya, is trans. And her family, her father and stepmother Gabrielle Union, have been very supportive.

Unlike her birth mom, Siohvaughn.

Zaya’s father Dwyane recently petitioned a court to have Zaya’s gender changed to “female,” without the permission of Zaya’s mom Siohvaughn. But that didn’t sit well with the girl’s mother.

Because she doesn’t want that to happen, until Zaya is 18 years old.

Gabrielle Union is starring with Jake Gyllenhaal in a new animated Disney film, The Inspection. They play a married couple, Meridian and Searcher Clade, who must go on a mission to save their world.

Union says that she prepared for the role by pulling from her own life experiences. She plays the protagonist’s homophobic mother.

During an interview with Van Lathan about her new movie, Union states that parents have thanked her for using this movie to open their eyes to how they are failing their LGBTQ children. Union goes on to claim, unprovoked, that she chose this role in an attempt to “get through to” one particular parent; then alludes to the parent being the real mother to Union’s step-child and trans person, Zaya.


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Well, she’s not very subtle about that.

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