Deion Sanders Preparing To Leave Jackson State For Colorado, Sources Say

Deion Sanders is preparing to leave Jackson State to become the head coach at the University of Colorado, according to sources familiar with the situation.

ESPN reports that Sanders is expected to accept the position within the next 48 hours. The Hall of Famer cornerback has openly discussed being offered the job.

Sources tell the outlet that Sanders and his associates have been reaching out “to both potential members of the on-field coaching staff and support staff positions to join him in Boulder” over the last week.

“They’re not doing a great job of hiding this,” one of the sources told ESPN. “If he backs out of this deal, it would be a huge problem for Colorado.”

At Colorado, there is already an expectation that Sanders, in this third season as a college football coach, will be the head coach for next season. They have reportedly been preparing material in preparation for him coming on board.

Jackson State is set to play Southern for the SWAC on Saturday. It’s believed that Sanders will let his team know that he’s leaving for Colorado shortly after the game.

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