R.I.P. ‘Me & Mrs. Jones’ Singer, Billy Paul Died

One more legend vocalist has left this world, icon vocalist Billy Paul passed away Sunday at his house in New Jersey as per to his manager. Paul well known for his legend albums, “Me and Mrs. Jones” had noticed into Temple University Hospital in

Philadelphia recent week as he faught cancer but his manager, Beverly Gay, spoken out that he was at house when he has gone. Paul’s signed top goes to number top for 3 weeks in 1972. The album also achieve him a Grammy. His 1975 top, “Let’s have a Baby” became spicy

headline as Rev. Jesse Jackson asked for radio stations to banned the album cause of to its gender. Paul’s music made him a goal figure in the black power time, but chart-wise … he never get similar the success of ‘Mrs. Jones.’ Billy was 81 years old. People are grieving and

also showing their love to the passed icon saying he was a legend to us. He has gone but given us a really iconic era and his mesmerizing songs. Which we forever gonna remember and also our upcoming generation gonna be loved his songs. One fan wrote: Being a vocalist is so

easy sometimes but create their legacy forever in fan’s heart is so hard and few of the singer can do this. And create their legacy forever in public’s heart. And grab their attention easily. He used to share his personal life with his fans. We all gonna remember him in

our communication as well as in our memories. May God give him a greatest that he have done in this world and give him a easiest for his ahead.

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