Tiffany Whyte Is Now 35-Years-Old And Still Believes Janet Jackson Is Her Mother

Janet Jackson may have just officially become a mother in the public a few years ago, but speculation that she had a child well before that have been around for decades. The “Control” hitmaker has been the subject of rumors surrounding her giving birth early on in her career between projects. A woman claiming to be Janet’s unwanted child has come forward to discuss her battle to prove if she is the youngest Jacksons daughter.

Janet Jackson became a mother six years ago while married to Wissam Al Mana. The global superstar had been off the radar for some time, enjoying being a wife and growing her family. While things with Wissam did not last, Jackson has been enjoying every bit of motherhood and raising her son Eissa. She celebrated his sixth birthday recently with a beautiful post. In it, she said, “To my beautiful baby Eissa, Happy 6th Birthday!”

Janet stopped the Today Show recently to discuss her Together Again Tour and how she’s successfully kept her son away from the limelight. Janet joked that Eissa is starting to piece together who his mother is and what she does but is still “putting it together.” “I think his friends are starting to put it together for him,” the 56-year-old shared. “Because I’ve kept him away from it, actually.”

Janet Jackson worked pretty consistently throughout the first chunk of her career. She releases albums regularly and did movies and tours in between. While she had dated and even been married before, it was unclear if Jackson would even start her own family. When she announced her pregnancy during her Unstoppable Tour, fans were shocked and wondered how the 50-year-old would handle carrying a child at such a high-risk age.

Janet understood the risk of her having a child at her age and asked fans for grace as she postponed her tour to focus on carrying Eissa to term. “Please, if you can, try and understand that it’s important that I do this now,” she said in a post. Eissa was a big part of her 2022 documentary JANET on lifetime. She showed us some of the perks of motherhood and gushed about the joys of being a mom. In the same documentary, Janet also discussed rumors that she had actually had a child in the ’80s with her first husband, James DeBarge. The rumor was that Janet kept the baby a secret, even from James.

“A lot of the kids thought I was pregnant ’cause I had gained weight and I had started taking birth control pills,” she said in the documentary. The rumors began while she was filming FAME. Despite denying these claims, a woman named Tiffany Whyte does not believe Janet and thinks she is the daughter that was given up.

Whyte did a DNA test in 2019 with James DeBarge’s mother that proved she was related to them. However, Janet Jackson has refused to take a test. DeBarge sister Bonnie also recalls Janet being pregnant. Whyte says she knows Jackson is her mother, and what she said in the documentary was “not true.”

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