Did An 8-Year-Old New Jersey Girl Hang Herself After Seeing Ashawnty Davis’ Story?

Investigators are trying to figure out if the news of a young girl committing suicide due to bullying prompted an 8-year-old New Jersey girl, identified as Imani McCray, to do the same on Sunday.

As reported by NBC 4, McCray was put in time-out in her New Jersey home before she hung herself in a manner similar to that of Ashawnty Davis of Colorado. Sources say McCray had seen reports of the 10-year-old’s death on Facebook and may have tried to replicate the suicide.

There’s no word on if she was bullied in school or accidentally hurt herself in pretending.

When paramedics arrived, McCray had a faint pulse, but eventually died at University Hospital in Newark —she would have turned 9 years old next week.

“We just want parents to know that you got to be in your children’s life,” said an unidentified loved one outside of McCray’s apartment. “Because this is reality now. We got to bury our baby.”

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