Man Fa-ta-lly Sh-ot Pregnant Ex-Girlfriend In Baltimore Then K-ills Ex-Wife And Himself While Broadcasting His Intentions On Facebook Live

A despondent man forced his way into the Federal Hill home of his pregnant ex-girlfriend and sh-ot her to death Saturday afternoon before heading to Columbia, where he then fa-tally sh-ot down his ex-wife and took his own life while his children sat in the car. 

Between the murders of both women, the suspect, 44-year-old Rajaee Shareef Black, got on Facebook Live outside of his ex-wife’s Wendy Natalie Black’s, 42, apartment building. He explained that he was upset about custody issues with both women.

“Anyway, I just did something crazy, man. I just sh-ot my ex-girlfriend in the head,” the man detailed in the video. “Felt like a dream. I never thought I would be that guy. I can’t go to pris-on, so the person that really started my depression and all of this is my ex-wife. So, she next. Then I’m going to do myself too.”

During his live broadcast, his ex-wife opens the door. “Oh, there’s my ex-wife right now,” he says as the video cuts off.

“This is a terrible, terrible tr-agedy,” Baltimore Police Commissioner Michael Harrison told reporters near the city cr-ime scene. “Our thoughts and prayers are with the family of these vic-tims.”

After the sh-oot-ing, officers found Black’s two young children in his gray BMW X3 in the apartment complex’s parking lot. Luckily, they were not h-urt and didn’t see the sh-ooti-ng, police said. The children are now in a safe environment, authorities said.

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